Do You Need a Business Website? Find Out Why You Do

April 2, 2021

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Website Tips

Think that you don't need a business website? Been putting it off because it's too expensive? Here are five reasons you should make the move today!

#1) A Website Works While You Can't

A website works 24/7, no employee can do that! Businesses benefit from websites in a variety of ways. They can generate new leads, answer important questions customers have, take bookings and countless more tasks that you would otherwise have to handle manually. Save yourself the time and start a website today! 

#2) It builds Customer Trust

This one is undeniable. One of the greatest ways to build trust with your customers through the internet is a well designed website. While social media and business listings are great, your customers generally expect you to have a website and if you don't they may lose trust. Websites serve as a great place to put testimonials and other information that might be useful to your customers. Don't just think any old website will build trust however, you can't just place a little bit of text on a page with contact info and call it a website. Make sure it looks professional, is easy to use and most of all looks trustworthy. Look at the website below, would you be likely to buy from it?

Now take a look at this website, looks inviting right?

#3) Sell Products & Services Online

Now more than ever you need to be accessible to your customers online, if you sell products an E-commerce website is an amazing opportunity to scale your business. Without the restrictions of a brick and mortar store such as limited hours and space. You can soar to heights you never saw possible, E-commerce stores provide the ability for your business to run 24/7. You can also escape the limitations of only being in one or a few locations as you can sell to customers around the world. Own a service based business? A website can be a great place to take client bookings and accept payments. Doing business online IS the future, don't miss out on it.

#4) Your Competition Has One

So your business doesn't have a website? Guess who does.. your competition. There is a pretty good chance that customers are searching for you and end up finding your competition instead. Don't let that happen anymore, get a website today.

#5) They Are Essential For Marketing

Websites should be a part of any business's marketing strategy. Have you considered Facebook ads and other forms of digital marketing? Perhaps you keep it old school with business cards and flyers? They are nearly useless without a website. Your potential customers need to be led somewhere. whether they end up on your website from an ad, business card or any other traffic source they will be provided with the information they need and a great way to connect with your business.

We hope this was helpful to you, if you find yourself stuck or would simply rather hire someone to build your website reach out to us! we would be delighted to work with you! 

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