3 Website Mistakes To Avoid

March 31, 2021

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Website Tips

Building a website can be very overwhelming! To make things a little easier for you we have created a list of three common mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1

One of the biggest mistakes we commonly see with clients who have built their own website is that they have missing or unclear calls to action. The last thing a customer wants is to feel lost when they end up on your website, try giving them options. A "call to action" for those who don't know, is a name for any design created with the intention of getting clicks and/or engagement. Make sure to include buttons/links that guide your users in the right direction. Check out the circled area in the photo below for a good example.

Syntex Web Design

Mistake #2

This one is huge, CLUTTER. You do not want it. Take a look at our website, it is easy to use and has little to no clutter on the pages. Too often I see websites that are nearly impossible to navigate due to the overwhelming amount of content. Try taking a minimalistic approach when working on your website and before adding anything ask questions like "Does this need to be here?" "How does this help my users?" Designing with a user first approach is a sure way to create a great user experience. Check out the examples below and think to yourself which one looks more appealing, I will let you be the judge here.

Example #1 - mednat.news

Mednat Website

Example #2 - apple.com

Apple's Website

Which one is easier on the eyes?

Mistake #3

This one is all too common, not optimizing for smaller screens. As you know cell phones completely took over, people no longer have to log on to their desktop computer to browse the web. With that being said many of your users are going to be on mobile devices, Make sure that your website caters to them as well! Have you ever been on a website that was nearly impossible to view on your phone? Most of us have but if not take a look at the example below on your phone. It is a sure way to lose the interest of countless users.

Mile High Comics


Mile High Comics

We hope these three tips were helpful to you, if you find yourself stuck or would simply rather hire someone to build your website reach out to us! we would be delighted to work with you! 

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