3 Things Your Business Website NEEDS

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What does it take to build an awesome website for your business? we have a lot of answers, start off easy and be sure to have these three things.

#1) Good UI

Arguably the most important aspect of your website is the user interface or "UI" below you will see two websites, which one looks more appealing?Here you see a website with a simple, easy to read layout and a clear call to action, with a website like this you can have nearly anyone use it without feeling as if they are doing a 1000 piece puzzle. Simplicity is key.

Below is a website that looks like the fever dream of any web designer, it is all over the place, too many calls to action and all in all is completely chaotic. The goal should be to have a website that even your grandma could easily navigate, that way you aren't excluding anyone or losing out on possible leads/customers.

#2) Clear & Accessible Contact Information

You want your users to contact you right? to achieve that it is imperative that you include clear and concise contact information. The average user is spending under a minute on your website so make that time count!  Below is a footer with an easy to use interface that clearly presents contact information.

#3) Good SEO

No good website is complete without being properly optimized for search engines. SEO is a pretty complicated subject so we are not going to go too deep into it today. SEO (search engine optimization) 

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